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From time to time you will need to check the signal on some pins. For that I've recommend you a logical analyzer like this one from  (affiliate link)


Sampling rate up to: 24 MHz
The logic for each channel sampling rate of 24M / s. General applications around 10M, enough to cope with a variety of occasions.

Logic eight inputs - can be collected at the same time they signal analysis, such as I2C, UART, sampling and analysis.

10 billion samples:
The logic can sample up to 100 100 million everything, so you capture even the most elusive events.

Voltage range:
0.8V logic: 5V voltage, to accept the 5.25 V standard CMOS threshold logic low. 2.0 V logic high. The input impedance is approximately 1 MΩ to see more specificati$

Support for the latest version: 1.1.30 version


You can also download the driver from the link:
Software for learning doesn't do any other purposes.

Package included:

1 x 24M 8CH logic analyzer
10 x Color DuPont line (10 different color)
1 x USB-MINI line 1

Wires left floating sometimes produce garbage data, so if, say you're only using 4 of the data lines, tie the other 4 to ground so they will show as 0 in the program

Analyzer connected to a PIR sensor

After I've installed the 1.1.15 version for 64 bits and quickly connected a PIR on DCH0 I was able to see the signal in application. Off-course,  this analyzer can do more than that, but it was a quick check to let the shop know that the product is working. 

Saleae 1.1.15 connected to a PIR

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