New SDK version ( 1.0 )

Espressif the producer of the ESP8266EX chip has announces availability of a new SDK.

If you want to download the latest SDK click here.

So, current version now is 1.0.

Fix bugs:
1     Interrupt during flash erasing will cause wdt reset;
2     Read/write rtc memory;
3     If router disconnect to ESP8266, ESP8266 won’t reconnect;
4     Connect to router which has its SSID

Add APIs:
1 system_update_cpu_freq: change CPU frequency;
2 wifi_promiscuous_set_mac: set a mac address filter during sniffer;
3 wifi_set_broadcast_if : set which interface will UDP broadcast send from;

1 Optimize smartconfig to version v1.0;Please don't call any other APIs during SmartConfig.
2 Optimize AT to version;
3 Optimize the protection of system parameters , and add error-check about it;
4 Optimize beacon delay of ESP8266 softAP;
5 Optimize boot to version 1.3(b3);
   5.1 Add API system_restart_enhance: for factory test, support to load and run program in any specific address;
   5.2 Add APIs to get boot version and start address of current user bin;
   5.3 Fix compatibility problem of dual flash;
6 Optimize sniffer, structure sniffer_buf changed, please refer to document;
7 Optimize espconn;
8 Optimize pwm;
9 Other optimize to make the software more reliable;

Espressif will give  a minimum of 200 USD for any developer reporting a previously unknown bug in latest Version 1.0. For more info on bug bounty program click here.

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