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You hear a lot lately about Internet of Things, but what really is it? Until now connections between various devices were so called machine to machine (M2M). They were used to connect devices remotely over Internet usually over GSM networks. Making a network of them and controlling them was not a easy task to do. Internet of Things (IoT) is moving the M2M to a different level where the machines will be closed to the humans and machine to machine will be transformed to humans to machines and machines to humans.

The Internet as we know it today will be transformed in the next years so every device will get Internet access no matter if is your oven, fridge, TV or bathroom scale. You will be able to control them directly over the Internet or a unit that exist in your home will take decisions based on your needs or behavior.

Every device will be in a global network, thanks to the IPv6 protocol. Until the transition to IPv6 is globally you need to stick with the IPv4.

Basically all the devices that now are running from batteries or directly connected to your wall plug will have the ability to be "on the Internet".

According to Wikipedia IoT products can be classified broadly into five different categories: smart wearable, smart home, smart city, smart environment, and smart enterprise.

One device that came the market in 2014 is the ESP8266EX chip. More for this chip in the next posts.

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