Unmistakably Capri

Unmistakably Capri, this Ford GBX design study from 1965 was the work of Ford senior designer Philip T. Clark, the man who was also responsible for the famous Mustang galloping pony emblem.

Clark joined Ford’s special projects department in 1962 and had a leading role in the development of the mid-engine, two-seat Mustang I concept car that would prove to be the inspiration behind Ford’s GT-40 race car.

Mr. J.J. Telnack, former Vice President of Corporate Design, for Ford Motor Company said, “Phil was one of our most talented designers and was part of the original Mustang design team throughout its development in 1962 until its launch. He had considerable influence on the total design with the early prototype Mustang concept vehicle that he [Clark] directed."

Clark was transferred to Ford of England’s Research & Engineering Center in Dunton, Essex, in 1964 and began working on Project Colt – the name given to Capri during its development between 1964 and 1966.

Code-named GBX, his drawings and clay models show nearly all the classical Capri hallmarks: a long hood, short rear deck, fastback pillars with notchback rear window, squared-off rear quarter, upswept front valence, dramatic side crease.

In addition to the Mustang and Capri, Clark also is credited with crafting the exterior design of the Ford Transit and the Zodiac-Zephyr. A true Ford legend, Clark’s life was cut short when he passed away from kidney failure in 1968 at the age of just 32.

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