New Ford Focus is top of the class for space

Did you know the average school-child grows at a rate of 6 centimetres a year?

Kids can even shoot upwards a whopping 16 centimetres in one year… with spurts of up to half a centimetre in a single night.

That means that some students will be hopping into the family car to return to school 2 centimetres taller than when they started their summer break.

One scientific study even showed students get taller even faster than normal during their summer holidays, because they’re less stressed.

Our new Ford Focus offers more room than ever for growing kids as they head back to school this autumn. There's 5 centimetres more space for lengthier legs than the old version – meaning more room than any other car of its type.

The floor beneath the centre seat is flatter, too. That makes it more comfortable to sit in, so there should be fewer squabbles over who goes in the middle.

Glen Goold, Ford Focus chief programme engineer
We didn’t settle for just making the rear of our all-new Focus more spacious – we also wanted it to feel more open and roomy for passengers big and small. The side windows now stretch further rearwards so that passengers have an unrestricted view out, and the available panorama roof floods the interior with light for an airy feel.

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