20 Years Since the Birth of Racing Puma

No turbocharger, no all-wheel drive and ‘only’ a 1.7-litre engine, yet the Ford Racing Puma has become something of a cult car amongst performance Ford enthusiasts.

Limited to just 500 cars, the wider arched, 153bhp Racing Puma received rave reviews upon launch, but it came at a price. Considerably more expensive than a standard Ford Puma, only diehard enthusiasts took the plunge. Rumour has it that many of the Ford chassis engineers were keen on buying one for themselves as they rated the chassis so highly.

Ford’s heritage collection model, V1 FRP, is number 1/500 and was used in San Francisco on the media drives to launch the vehicle… echoing the Bullitt-themed TV commercial for the Ford Puma that was aired a few years earlier.

How many of those other 499 still exist though?

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