Long distance cabbie passes the one million kilometre mark

After covering 999,999 kilometres in his Tourneo Connect, taxi driver James Foley thought he had hit the end of the road – at least as far as the car’s odometer was concerned.

Because after travelling the equivalent of 25 times round the world, there was no extra digit to display the milestone 1 million kilometres (621,371 miles) and no automatic reset.

It is the first problem James has hit since buying the seven-seater to ferry passengers in the Carlow-Kilkenny area of Ireland, ten years ago. Luckily it wasn’t an issue for long as our local dealer, Boland’s of Wexford reset the counter for free.

James, who revealed the secret of keeping his cab on the road for so many miles has been to religiously stick to the service schedule – with the support of a great mechanic.
No reason why she won’t be good for another million.
Ford's new Tourneo Courier, Connect and Custom are now available with more fuel-efficient engines, and tech that includes the ability to activate smart phones using voice commands or a built-in touchscreen.

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