Tech for top athletes makes driving Mustang more fun

It’s what helps athletes with disabilities stay stable as they snowboard and ski. And now it is being used in the new Mustang for a better driving experience.

For amputees who have lost a leg above the knee, Magnetorheological fluid (MRF) enhances artificial knee joints so they better absorb impacts – and enables them to react more quickly following a high impact landing.

The use of MRF in Mustang’s MagneRide® suspension shock absorbers, or dampers, ensures the car is fun to drive and has a smooth, refined ride.

For those into technology, this is how it works: sensors monitor road conditions and electromagnets control iron particles suspended in oil within the shock absorbers.

The magnetic field is automatically adjusted 1,000 times per second to align the particles in individual dampers so they are firmer for sharp cornering, or softer for more comfortable cruising.

Joe Bakaj, our vice president, Product Development.
Athletes compete in extremely challenging conditions where control is everything. Similarly, with Mustang, MagneRide® helps drivers to react to changing conditions in real time by delivering exactly the right response for each situation.

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