European customers start to receive their Ford GT orders

In April 2016, 6,506 car enthusiasts from around the world applied to purchase one of the first 500 production Ford GT supercars. Now, for one lucky applicant in Scandinavia, the wait is over after receiving the keys to one of the very first Ford GTs to be delivered to a customer in Europe.

In race car form the Ford GT was designed to take on the Le Mans 24 Hours and win, a feat it achieved at the first attempt in 2016. In road form, the Ford GT uses a carbon fibre body, 655 PS 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine and technology including Drive Modes to deliver a road-legal experience that’s as close to a race car as it gets.

Jason Watt, a racing driver from Denmark, is now the owner of a new 347 km/h (216 mph) supercar.

Jason’s new Ford GT is the first in his home country of Denmark, and the whole of Scandinavia. And just like the previous generation 2005 Ford GT that he used to own, this Ford GT is being modified so that it can be hand-operated by Jason, who was paralysed from the chest down following a motorcycle accident in 1999. A roof rack will be fitted so that Jason can easily transport his wheelchair.

Jason Watt
My Ford GT is probably the world's fastest car that can park in disabled parking spaces.”

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