Living and working in the world's darkest town

Longyearbyen on the island of Svalbard, in the Arctic Circle, is the world's northernmost town and is shrouded in darkness for 110 days of the year. What's it like for the people who live there?

Sub-zero temperatures and a lack of light make the roads around Longyearbyen treacherous. Add to that the risk of avalanches, crevasses, glaciers and even polar bears and it’s easy to see why there’s real danger for the 2,400 inhabitants as they go about their daily business.

Ranger tester Martin

Darkness makes you realise how small you are.

Airport worker Silje

I like going away from the town in the dark season. Makes me feel alive."

Ranger Black test driver Ben

I’m just trying to grow food for the town. In complete darkness, at -20CÂș.

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