In plan: ESP8266 with GPS and LoRa

Few months ago I bought an GPS receiver from along with an GPS antenna.

The board is "free", just need to pay $10 for delivery :-)
I recommend you to take also the antenna for an extra $9 since without it the board is useless.

The board is :

* 100MHz 32bit LEON3 Sparc-V8 + IEEE-754 Compliant Floating Point Unit
* 1024KB Flash Memory + 212KB RAM
* 1x full duplex asynchronous UART
* 1x SPI shared with GPIO
* 1x 2-wire interface shared GPIO
* Atomic clock synchronized P1PPS time reference with +/-10nsec accuracy
* 167 channel Venus 8 engine
* Uses GPS, SBAS, QZSS signals
* 1 ~ 10 Hz update rate
* Position accuracy 2.5m CEP 
* Velocity accuracy 0.1m/sec
* Warm start TTFF under open sky 29sec average
* Cold start TTFF under open sky 30sec average
* Cold start sensitivity -148dBm
* Tracking sensitivity -165dBm
* Operating range : (altitude < 18km) or (speed < 515m/sec), both not exceeded simultaneously
The plan is to connect the GPS with the ESP8266 and with the new LoRa modules from to have a full LoRaWAN module.
I guess can use this setup also as a single channel gateway for LoRaWAN. It will be very small, cheap, battery operated, ideal for demos, students and as a LoRa STARTER KIT.

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