Witty ESP8266 module RGB LED removal

As you already know the Witty ESP8266 module has an SMD RGB LED on board. 

The LED colors are connected to some GPIO pins.

RED is connected to GPIO 15
GREEN is connected to GPIO 12 
BLUE is connected to GPIO 13

For a project I want to use the GPIOs 12,13,14,15 for a different functionality so I need to remove the LED from the board.

SMD LED for Witty ESP8266 board

In the above picture the pins 2,4,6 are connected together to the GND. 

Instead of removing the SMD LED I cut the common ground as you can see in the following picture.

Later if I need the LED functionality I can redo it very easy.

I've tested the board, and no sign of LED on board. Perfect.

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