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Few minutes after releasing the latest SDK 1.1.2, EspressIf made available on their websites a new "mesh" zip file.

Documentation is not yet available, it will soon be released.

I was looking for the new symbols that has the mesh word in them. Here is the list:

nm: err.o: no symbols
         U espconn_mesh_dhcp_start
         U espconn_mesh_dhcp_stop
00001074 T espcon_mesh_big_small_endian
00001480 T espconn_mesh_adjust_tx_fifo
00000f1c T espconn_mesh_ap_disconn_request
000000a8 T espconn_mesh_ap_need_update
000001bc T espconn_mesh_bcast_router
00002768 T espconn_mesh_bss_enqueue
00002714 T espconn_mesh_bss_find
00004f28 T espconn_mesh_build_packet
000034a4 T espconn_mesh_clear_ap_context
000004b8 T espconn_mesh_conn_router
00000544 T espconn_mesh_delay_ms
00000e94 T espconn_mesh_dhcp_start
00000ef0 T espconn_mesh_dhcp_stop
00000e48 T espconn_mesh_dhcp_timeout
00000dc4 T espconn_mesh_disable
00000c1c T espconn_mesh_enable
00000668 T espconn_mesh_enable_request
00004750 T espconn_mesh_filter_connect
00001220 T espconn_mesh_flow_request_timeout
000043b4 T espconn_mesh_flow_response
00000064 T espconn_mesh_get_conn_pending
00000604 T espconn_mesh_get_max_hops
00000038 T espconn_mesh_get_pending_num
000009f0 T espconn_mesh_get_router
00000598 T espconn_mesh_get_status
00001094 T espconn_mesh_getul
0000000c T espconn_mesh_init
00001048 T espconn_mesh_is_hex
00000028 T espconn_mesh_is_on
0000116c T espconn_mesh_json_match
0000113c T espconn_mesh_json_match_deenter
00001108 T espconn_mesh_json_match_enter
00001974 T espconn_mesh_layer
0000194c T espconn_mesh_local_addr
00001f00 T espconn_mesh_process_digest
000033a4 T espconn_mesh_remove_context
0000039c T espconn_mesh_router_check
00002ff4 T espconn_mesh_scan_done
000012fc T espconn_mesh_sent_flow_request
00000608 T espconn_mesh_set_max_hops
00000a90 T espconn_mesh_set_router
000004e8 T espconn_mesh_setup_conn_router
00000618 T espconn_mesh_setup_timer
000019f0 T espconn_mesh_signal_user
00002ef8 T espconn_mesh_sta_check
00001b08 T espconn_mesh_sta_exception
000028dc T espconn_mesh_sta_got_ip
00000e2c T espconn_mesh_wifi_connect_cb
         U espconn_mesh_is_on

nm:          U espconn_mesh_is_on
tcpip.o: no symbols
         U espconn_mesh_is_on
         U espconn_mesh_init
         U espconn_mesh_sta_check
         U espconn_mesh_sta_got_ip
nm: ieee80211_hwmp.o: no symbols
nm: ieee80211_mesh.o: no symbols
nm: ieee80211_node.o: no symbols
         U espconn_mesh_scan_done
nm: if_eagle.o: no symbols
nm: ate_test.o: no symbols
         U espconn_mesh_is_on
         U espconn_mesh_layer
         U espconn_mesh_scan_done

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