Android application Homy

The new Android application that is connecting with my broker over web sockets is having now new features:

1. Auto-discovery. Each time the application is started, all devices are sending their status. Here there are 6 IoT devices discovered:

  • two plugs
  • two irritool ( one is in production for more then one month, and the other is for debugging and simulation ( NASA style :-)  )
  • two (dth - digital temperature and humidity sensors. They are mount on each irritool)

6 devices dicovered

2. Devices are presented on categories, based on the incoming  data from them. 
At  this stage the name is based on the unique device id and its type.

Plug devices discovered

3. Device detail. All the information about device is presented in here:
-device id
-ip address
-network type (B/G/N)
-up time ( if is configured to be transmitted)
and I am able to control the device ( like in plug/irritool case) or see the data for sensors.
Device detail - PLUG
Device detail - IRRITOOL 

Device detail - Sensor DTH

Looks ugly and hard to remember that the ESP_00A08478 is the name for irrigation controller so I've added the new option to rename the device name with whatever you want. This aliasing is persistent so every time I reopen the application, the mapping between device id and device alias is the same.

Here is a renamed plug:

Plug renamed 

Other feature is 7 day weather report for my location (need more work in presenting the data).

weather report next 7 days

I can declare now the application to be in alpha stage ....

4.Other option I have in the Menu:

Debug will be to see the messages received from broker.

There are a lot of picture in this post, but a picture is 1000 words.

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