First IoT device - Plug

Because was raining outside and I couldn't work in the backyard, I've made rapidly an IoT plug with ESP8266 .

Donor for the case was a timer plug that was in the house. After I've removed its content, I've added my stuff.

IoT plug
Inside the case I have:

  • power supply (220V-3v3 1A)
  • 5V relay ( is working fine on 3.3 V)
  • ESP-01 covered in blue tape 
And the final IoT plug:

IoT final plug

The ESP-01 is accepting JSON over MQTT from my mosquitto broker. 

To control the plug from my phone, I've created an android application that connects over
websockets to mosquitto broker and is sending commands. 

Plug is sending status every 15 seconds to its subscribers and a status after every command its receiving. I can turn on or off  my  lamp with my IoT device. 

For Android application I've used for rapid development a template, but I am planning to build a totally new application that will discover the IoT devices and add them automatically to the control screen.

IoT Plug application
EDIT: The Android application is different now. See this post.

And a video:

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