Usefull tools #2

If you want a nice gauge to display some data you can use the google's one with the help from Plugin

For this gauge we will need to read data from and this require an API Read Key that can be generated from the API KEYS menu.

Now go to the Plugin menu from the Main Menu:

and click on "New Plugin"

and select the Google Gauge and "Create Plugin".

Now you can modify the Javascript with your channel id and the READ API Key:

  // set your channel id here
  var channel_id = 87654;
  // set your channel's read api key here if necessary
  var api_key = 'Q68B3YMORI9S49JJ';
  // maximum value for the gauge
  var max_gauge_value = 100;
  // name of the gauge

  var gauge_name = 'My_gauge_name';

To include the new created gauge in other page you can use the HTML TAG <IFRAME>.

<iframe width="330" height="360" style="border: 1px solid #cccccc;" src="" ></iframe>

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