Use my ESP8266 environment !!!

User ESP8266
password espressif

Let's see how you can compile our first example of code.

To do this download the virtual box ova from my drive.

Apply this ova file to a Virtual Box.

Start the virtual machine

go to /opt/Espressif/ESP8266_SDK/ where there are two directories with examples:

IoTDemo - a web server controlling  some GPIO's
at - build a custom AT command along with all command that are supportded by the at library

go to /opt/Espressif/ESP8266_SDK/IoTDemo/
make clean

two files are generated into the /opt/Espressif/ESP8266_SDK/bin directory.
No boot needed.
Generate eagle.flash.bin and eagle.irom0text.bin successully in folder bin.

 Use those files and the optional blank image blank.bin or you can use this command
to write the files.

sudo /opt/Espressif/esptool-py/ --port /dev/ttyUSB0 write_flash 0x3C000 /opt/Espressif/ESP8266_SDK/bin/blank.bin 0x00000 /opt/Espressif/ESP8266_SDK/bin/eagle.flash.bin 0x40000 /opt/Espressif/ESP8266_SDK/bin/

Write the files on ESP-01.
1. Power off the ESP-01
2. Connect GPIO0 to GND
3. Power on the ESP-01
4. Burn firmware

Write the files on ESP201 Dev Board.
1. Power off the ESP-201
2. Keep pressed S2 and power the board
3. Release the S2 switch
4. Burn firmware


  1. In /opt/Espressif/ESP8266_SDK/document/ there are tow directories English an Chinese with document about the SDK fucntion, AT command. Spend some time looking into them.
  2. In the Virtual Box image I've added the moserial application that can be used to see the debug information from ESP.
  3. Launch moserial with: sudo moserial &
  4. If Software Updater is bugging you, do not update. You are just fine.

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