Publish data from your ESP8266 to

On this posts ( post#1, post#2) I've presented how to create a channel, fields, API KEYS on

Now will publish some data from ESP8266 to Can be any kind of data, from
temperature, humidity, voltage you name it. As long as it has a value, can be published.

Add following  lines after the include statements. (Can use the blinky code as skeleton).

#include "espconn.h" 
LOCAL struct espconn *pCon = NULL;
LOCAL my_count = 0;
LOCAL your_value = 33;

Add the following code in the user_init() function.

const char ssid[32] = "my_home_ssid";
const char password[32] = "my_home_password";

struct station_config stationConf;

wifi_set_opmode( STATION_MODE );
os_memcpy(&stationConf.ssid, ssid, 32);
os_memcpy(&stationConf.password, password, 32);
//connect to the previous pCon created structure
int ret = 0;
ret = espconn_connect(pCon);

if(ret == 0) 
      INFO("espconn_connect OK!\r\n");
      //INFO("espconn_connect FAILED!\r\n");  
      char *fail;
      os_sprintf(fail, "%d \r\n", ret);
      //clean up allocated memory
      pCon = NULL;

Add this code in a timer function like in this example:

pCon = (struct espconn *)os_zalloc(sizeof(struct espconn));
if (pCon == NULL)
        os_printf("pCon ALLOCATION FAIL\r\n");

pCon->type = ESPCONN_TCP;
pCon->state = ESPCONN_NONE;
pCon->proto.tcp = (esp_tcp *)os_zalloc(sizeof(esp_tcp));
pCon->proto.tcp->local_port = espconn_port();
//set up the server remote port
pCon->proto.tcp->remote_port = 80;

//set up the remote IP
uint32_t ip = ipaddr_addr(""); //IP address for
os_memcpy(pCon->proto.tcp->remote_ip, &ip, 4);

//set up the local IP
struct ip_info ipconfig;
wifi_get_ip_info(STATION_IF, &ipconfig);
os_memcpy(pCon->proto.tcp->local_ip, &ipconfig.ip, 4);

//register publish_thingspeak_connect_cb that will be called when the
//connection with the thingspeak is done. In this call back function
// will actualy do the data sending
espconn_regist_connectcb(pCon, publish_thingspeak_connect_cb);

where the callback function is:

static void ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR publish_thingspeak_connect_cb(void *arg)

  struct espconn *pespconn = (struct espconn *)arg;

  char payload[128];

  char field1[10];
  char field2[10];

  os_sprintf(field1, "%d", your_value);
  os_sprintf(field2, "%d", my_count);

  os_sprintf(payload, "GET /update?  api_key=YOUR_THINGSPEAK_API_KEY&field1=%s&field2=%s\r\n", field1, field2);

  espconn_sent(pespconn, payload, strlen(payload));

and need to be added before the user_main function.

Change my_count and your_value with your data. 


1. The time between to posts on must be greater then 15 seconds.
2. Up to 8 fields can be used to post data on

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