Post man #2 - USB Sound Cards

      To complete the system for IoT Home Automation I've ordered on alliexpress few weeks ago two USB sound cards. 

They are like a US$1.20/pcs, so is not bad. According to the seller, specs are:

USB 2.0 Audio Headset Microphone Jack Converter Adapter
New generic USB2.0 to Audio Adapter w/ Microphone Jack, Gray
Real USB Plug & Play, eliminates the need of traditional sound card!!!
The audio adapter is the best entertainment for Game, DVD, Music
Instantly creates microphone in & audio out jack from any PC / PS3 USB port
No need to reach behind your PC for audio jacks
Compensates any desktop speakers with 3.5mm headphone jack
USB powered, no external power required
the USB sound Adapter support 3D positional sound and virtual 5.1 CH sound Track
Dynamic surround background sound effects
Digital Class-B Power Amplifier Inside
This USB Audio Adapter support Windows 98/2000 / Me / XP / Vista / 7, for OS Mac 8.6 Above

USB sound card

I've connected one of them to my old raspberry pi and the Internet Radio mpd is working perfect. Of course that raspberry pi is having audio output on 3.5mm jack and on HDMI, but I am interested in microphone input. 

Test for vocal command were great using an old USB video camera. Vocal commands were translated in MQTTcommands and I was able to control few LEDs ( to turn them on and off) or to control the Internet Radio ( mpd) or using the text to speech to find what song is playing on radio.

Here is the USB sound card plugged into my raspberry pi:

USB sound card on Raspberry PI

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